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Minimize Production, Transportation and Inventory Costs with the Freeport Center

The Freeport Center, located in Clearfield, Utah, is a bustling hub for many large manufacturing businesses across the United States. For these business savvy companies, choosing the Freeport Center wasn’t just a fluke decision. These organizations understand that when it comes to saving time, money and frustration, the Freeport Center is a location of prime opportunity.

Why Utah?

Utah is considered a “Free Port” state which means that inventory stored within its boundaries is tax exempt from inventory taxes that are typical for many other states. This tax benefit covers all inventory that is shipped to the Freeport Center and covers the inventory when it arrives at its final destination. This is a significant savings for companies whose operations rely heavily on large quantities of inventory.

Cutting Costs

Operating from a centralized warehouse location offers businesses additional savings by reducing storage and distribution costs at multiple sites. In addition to tax and storage savings, using the Freeport Center reduces a great deal of transportation costs.

All of the buildings at the Freeport Center have easy access loading docks for trucks and most buildings are rail served. The Union Pacific Railroad runs alongside the outer parameters of our complex, which is an amazing transportation asset for Freeport Center tenants. Companies can quickly load and unload shipments to and from the railway cars without going off-site for external deliveries. There is no need for a middle man, which is a big logistics and savings bonus!

Maintaining, operating and staffing an independent warehouse can be expensive and logistically overwhelming for many companies. Operating a business from the Freeport Center offers many conveniences and cost-saving measures that can help our tenants to hold and maintain financial resources for future production and growth.