Utilizing the Freeport Center and Utah’s Favorable Business Market

Learn why savvy businesses choose Utah's Freeport Center as home and why more companies are migrating to Utah every year.

Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Controlled Warehousing

For years, warehousing was viewed as an expense to many businesses—just a necessity in the process of meeting clients’ needs. But increasingly, companies are realizing that strategic warehousing strategies contribute positively to their bottom line.

Minimize Production, Transportation and Inventory Costs with the Freeport Center

Learn why business savvy companies come to the Freeport Center and call Utah home.

Utilizing Freeport and Utah’s Favorable Business Market

Utah has earned its spot as an optimal location for many businesses over the past decade, and it is certainly a well-deserved feat.

Welcome to Freeport Center — A Key Player in Utah's Economy

Freeport Center is home to many recognizable brands that have a real and measurable impact on the Utah economy such as Orbital ATK which refurbishes space shuttle boosters after launches.

Why You Should Consider A Centralized Warehouse for Your Business

While there are many factors to consider when it comes to making the decision to move to a consolidated and centralized distribution center and what works for one business may not work for another, there are definitely some important pros to moving to a consolidated warehouse space.