Utilizing Freeport and Utah’s Favorable Business Market

Utah has earned its spot as an optimal location for many businesses over the past decade, and it is certainly a well-deserved feat. Possessing a thriving business environment, Utah is consistently at the top of the list for many different industries. Forbes credited Salt Lake City with being among the top manufacturing locations in the U.S. for 2018. CNBC published that “Utah is America’s Top State for Business in 2016”—for the third year in a row. The Economic Development Corporation of Utah says that the Ogden/Clearfield area is among the top 10 places in the country for manufacturing jobs—and where there are jobs, there are businesses. To say that the Beehive State is the place for commerce is an understatement.

Not only is Utah a gateway to the west, it is becoming a gateway to the world with many of its residents fluent in more than one language due to religious missionary experiences abroad. Bilingual employees are a great benefit for any company, and Utah has a very high percentage of bilingual residents. Alan Hall, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist in Ogden, calls Utah “a powerful economic engine” and credits this partially to the fact that “a third of the state’s workforce is bilingual.” Hall also says that “Utah’s language ability is an attractive benefit for companies in an increasingly global economy, and has helped lure large U.S. companies with international operations such as eBay, Goldman Sachs, Oracle and Procter & Gamble.” Even the retail giant Amazon has recognized the incredible business potential Utah has to offer and can now call it home to one of its very large operations centers.

A truly unique asset that Utah can use to bolster these claims is the seven million square-foot manufacturing and distribution Freeport Center facility located in Clearfield—a prime central location between Salt Lake City and Ogden. This giant community of businesses comprises 78 buildings on 680 acres of land. Many highly successful businesses have taken the opportunity to utilize the Freeport Center and its services because of the considerable advantages it has to offer.

The Freeport Center is located just a short 20-minute drive from the Salt Lake City International Airport and is also conveniently fronted by the Union Pacific Railroad. Combine this smartly-designed location with Utah’s ultra-low 5 percent corporate tax rate and a young, bilingual workforce, and you can see why the Freeport Center is an attractive location for growing businesses. Many nationally-renowned and business savvy companies are listed in the Freeport Center’s tenant directory, including:

• Northrup Grumman
• Lifetime Products
• Pelatron
• Ryder Truck
• U.S. Postal Service
• Union Pacific Railroad
• Western Zirconium

Utah is the home for many thriving commercial businesses. Those that are highly successful come to Utah, and those who are striving for success should come to Utah. The state has an abundance of key factors for business prosperity in many commercial industries, and the Freeport Center is at the crossroads of it all.