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When it comes to logistics, there are a few key differences between warehouses and distribution centers. While often referred to interchangeably, warehouses and distribution centers are, in reality, two separate entities. Both, however, are vital to the distribution process by continuing the movement of products and merchandise down through the supply chain. Standard supply chains primarily […]

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For years, warehousing was viewed as an expense to many businesses—just a necessity in the process of meeting clients’ needs. But increasingly, companies are realizing that strategic warehousing strategies contribute positively to their bottom line. Indeed, warehousing’s contributing role is better understood in supply chain management as a way to build that ever-important competitive advantage. […]

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Centralized warehousing is a system where a retailer or its supplier maintains a single, central warehouse versus several facilities spread out to cover a territory. One of the best ways to alleviate the logistic nightmares of operating multiple distribution centers is to utilize a central distribution center. From a single distribution center, businesses are able […]

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