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What is Warehousing and Distribution?

Warehousing and distribution is the storage, handling and logistical management of goods. This includes anything from consumer goods and fresh foods to raw materials used for manufacturing. Warehouses are large commercial structures where goods are stored. And “distribution” refers to the actual transportation and tracking of those goods to different geographic areas for its sale or use.

A centralized warehousing and distribution strategy contributes positively to an organization’s supply chain management process. Centralized warehousing can save costs by reducing rent and utility expenses for multiple facilities. Plus, the cost of implementing technology and equipment is reduced when focusing on a single warehousing and distribution center. And these cost savings can be passed along to the customer—giving any business that invests in a centralized warehousing and distribution strategy a competitive advantage.

There’s no better place in the western U.S. to consider a centralized warehousing and distribution strategy than the Freeport Center in Utah.

With its innovative warehousing and distribution solutions, the Freeport Center helps businesses increase their efficiency and production. Its central location in the middle of major U.S. markets, with close access to major roadways, railways and airports, makes second- or third-day delivery of goods possible. In an era where customers expect a quick turnaround, that’s an essential competitive advantage for any company—and one of the most compelling reasons why more companies are calling the Freeport Center home.

Utah’s status as a “free port” state provides companies both large and small with even more cost savings. No inventory taxes are assessed on goods stored in free port states, making Utah a strategic business solution for companies that rely on large quantities of inventory.

The Freeport Center is home to 78 buildings on 680 acres—with room for businesses to grow. And with buildings ranging in size from 4,000 to 400,000 square feet, we are the perfect partner for any business seeking efficient production, storage, handling and distribution of goods.

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