About Us

Welcome to the Crossroads of the West
The Best Location to Manufacture and Distribute Products

Freeport Center is home to more than 70 national and local companies that have a workforce of over 7,000 employees. These companies have found Freeport Center is in the best location to manufacture and distribute products. Our location is at the crossroads of the West, and is combined with an excellent transportation network of highways, railroads, and is only 20 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport. Freeport Center has excellent access to I-15 both south and north bound and direct access to Highway 84 going east.

7 Million
Square Feet
Prime acres

Freeport Center has more than 7,000,000 square feet in 78 buildings ranging in size from 4,000 to 400,000 square feet on 680 acres. More buildings can be built on our 60 plus acres designated for growth. Freeport’s buildings have railroad loading docks on one side and truck loading facilities on the other. Each is protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system, and some have 10 or 25-ton overhead cranes, which are ideal for fabrication or storage of heavy products. As the needs of our tenants grow, Freeport grows. We have an aggressive growth-oriented philosophy, and we are willing to make the commitments to prove it. Freeport Center will continue to meet the demands of a constantly changing manufacturing and distribution industry.

A Freeport State

A key factor in Utah’s favorable business climate is its status as a freeport state. This means no inventory taxes are assessed on any inventory stored within the state. Merchandise can be shipped directly to Freeport Center, stored for any length of time exempt from inventory taxes and then reshipped to final destination at a continuation of the through rate.

Imagine a 7 million square foot, manufacturing and distribution facility, situated in the middle of all the major western U.S. Markets, with the best business climate west of the Mississippi. Imagine manufacturing and storing your product at this facility, until you distribute it to your market place, guaranteeing second or third morning delivery. And imagine doing it in a way that would minimize production, transportation and inventory costs, and maximize profits.

That’s the Freeport Center

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