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The Freeport Center is the premier distribution, fulfillment and warehousing center in the Intermountain West. Our central location in Clearfield, Utah provides easy access to a wide transportation network, making it the prime distribution hub for both inbound and outbound goods. We serve as the primary shipping location for companies such as Lifetime Inc, and help facilitate shipments to major retailers across the United States and around the world. This is made possible by an excellent transportation network of nearby highways, railroads and airports including northbound and southbound I-15, Highway 84 to the east, Salt Lake International Airport 20 minutes to the south and Ogden-Hinckley Airport to the north.

Freeport Distribution Center

More Than a Name – Free Port is the Way We Do Business

With 78 buildings ranging in size from 4,000 to 400,000 square feet, the Freeport Center is the ideal partner for any business in need of efficient storage, handling and distribution of products and merchandise. The timely delivery of goods to a customer, whether that is a reseller or the ultimate consumer, is key to any company’s reputation and viability. As Utah’s premier distribution hub in the Intermountain West, suppliers and vendors know they can count on the Freeport Center for effective order management, fulfillment and distribution. Forklifts, pallet jacks, 10- to 25-ton overhead cranes and 7,000 hard-working employees assist with quick and efficient logistical management and distribution of both inbound and outbound shipments. For businesses looking for strategic distribution management in Utah, the Freeport Center is an essential component of the supply chain.

As an added benefit, Utah is a “free port” state, meaning that goods stored here are tax exempt from the inventory taxes many other states impose on warehoused goods. Merchandise can then be distributed to its final destination at a continuation of the through rate. Operating a business from the Freeport Center provides undisputable supply chain and logistics management competitive advantages.

The Freeport Center began as a strategically located Naval Supply Depot during WWII, thanks to its equidistance from major seaports. Today, the Freeport Center is conveniently located between Salt Lake City International Airport and Ogden-Hinckley Airport for flexible air freight options. The Union Pacific Railway line runs through our campus, providing access to a 140,000-mile freight rail network.

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