Conveniences and Cost-savings

Maintaining, operating and staffing an independent warehouse can be expensive and logistically overwhelming for many companies. Operating a business from the Freeport Center offers many conveniences and cost-saving measures that benefit our tenants’ future production and growth. Utah’s status as a “free port” state makes it an ideal warehousing solution for businesses of all sizes. No inventory taxes are assessed on goods stored in free port states, making the Freeport Center a strategic warehousing solution for companies that rely on large quantities of inventory.

Utah Warehousing

Cost Savings and a Competitive Advantage

A centralized warehousing strategy is essential to productive supply chain management. Centralized warehousing can save costs by reducing rent and utility expenses for multiple facilities. Plus, the cost of implementing technology and equipment is reduced when focusing on a single warehousing and distribution center. And these cost savings can be passed along to the customer—giving any business that invests in a centralized warehousing and distribution strategy a competitive advantage.

Operating from a centralized warehouse location offers additional savings by reducing storage and distribution costs that are incurred when goods are stored at multiple locations throughout the United States. With 78 buildings ranging in size from 4,000 to 400,000 square feet, the Freeport Center is the premiere warehousing

center in the Intermountain West. Each building on the Freeport Center campus has truck access to loading docks and heavy-duty cranes. Our warehouses and other buildings feature automatic fire sprinkler systems to protect warehoused merchandise.

Increased Efficiency and Production

Thanks to its central location and innovative warehousing solutions, the Freeport Center helps businesses increase efficiency and production. Access to I-15, Highway 84 and a close proximity to the Salt Lake International Airport and the Union Pacific Railroad creates an impressive transportation asset for our warehousing tenants. There’s no better place in the western United States to consider a centralized warehousing and distribution strategy than the Freeport Center in Clearfield, Utah.

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