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Utah’s Foremost Distribution Center: Freeport Center

Distribution centers are essential to the success of organizations who rely on providing goods to consumers or other businesses. Simply put, customers expect prompt and safe delivery of the raw materials or finished products they require to operate profitably. A thoughtfully planned distribution center can help ensure effective order management and fulfillment for both suppliers and vendors to keep them going strong.

For those businesses looking for a strategic distribution center in Utah, there’s no better place to look than the Freeport Center. And, by the way, there’s no better state in the west to consider establishing a distribution hub than in Utah. More on that later.

Close access to a large transportation network creates an undisputable advantage for any distribution center. And, unlike some other distribution centers in Utah, the Freeport Center is nestled among an impressive network of roadways, airports and railways.

Conveniently located west of I-15 in Clearfield, Utah, the Freeport Center provides close access to this major north and south traffic vein in the Western United States—and offers neighboring proximity to Highway 84 for seamless east and west roadway transportation. It sits between Salt Lake City International Airport to the south and Ogden-Hinckley Airport to the north for flexible airfreight options. And the infamous Union Pacific Railway line runs through the campus, providing access to the nearly 140,000-mile U.S. freight rail network; in fact, most buildings in the Freeport Center have dedicated rail access.

The Freeport Center provides hard-to-ignore logistical benefits. Businesses can quickly and efficiently load and unload both inbound and outbound shipments. And some of our buildings are even equipped with 10 or 25-ton overhead cranes, ideal for the manufacturing, storage and delivery of heavy products.

Now, about why Utah may be one of the best places for establishing a distribution center in the Western United States: Utah is considered a “free port” state. That means goods stored here are tax exempt from the inventory taxes found in other states—and for any length of time. Merchandise can then be shipped from the Freeport Center to its final destination at a continuation of the through rate.

Operating a business from the Freeport Center provides undisputable supply chain and logistics management competitive advantages. We help protect our tenants’ financial resources and can help them grow into new, unique markets—or thrive in the marketplaces in which they are already invested.

Simply put, the Freeport Center offers businesses world-class manufacturing, warehousing and distribution solutions. We have 78 buildings on 680 acres. And we sit on more than 7 million square feet, providing plenty of room to accommodate our tenants’ needs. In fact, the Freeport Center is one of the largest manufacturing and distribution centers in the United States. Learn why more businesses are choosing to call Utah’s Freeport Center home by calling (801) 825-9741 to learn more.