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Welcome to Freeport Center — A Key Player in Utah’s Economy

Imagine a 7 million square foot, manufacturing and distribution facility, situated in the middle of all the major western U.S. Markets, with the best business climate west of the Mississippi. Imagine manufacturing and storing your product at this facility, until you distribute it to your market place, guaranteeing second or third morning delivery. And imagine doing it in a way that would minimize production, transportation and inventory costs and maximize profits.

Well stop imagining because this place isn’t only imaginary, it’s a reality. Welcome to the Freeport Center. A pulsing economic heart that sends products coursing along the highway and rail veins that crisscross the West. This huge manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facility exemplifies efficiency and economic prosperity.

The Freeport Center facility has a distinctive look and history. Row after row of uniformly sized beige buildings are arranged in a tight grid easily spotted from airplanes. Rail spurs poke through, leaving each building with rail service on one side and truck docks on the other.

Why that layout? What would become the Freeport Center was built during World War II to be the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot. Far enough inland to be deemed safe against attack, the depot supplied the Pacific fleet through ports from Seattle to San Diego.

And it is that west-central location that continues to make the facility attractive to businesses today. The center is no more than two day’s truck travel time from the Pacific coast, Phoenix and Denver.

Freeport Center is home to more than 70 national and local companies that have a workforce of over 7,000 employees. Located near excellent access to I-15 both south and north bound and direct access to Highway 84 going east, the center also boasts an impressive transportation network of highways, railroads, and is only 20 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport.

Freeport Center has more than 7,000,000 square feet in 78 buildings ranging in size from 4,000 to 400,000 square feet on 680 acres.

In addition to it’s central and attractive location, a key factor in Utah’s favorable business climate is its status as a free port state. This means no inventory taxes are assessed on any inventory stored within the state. Merchandise can be shipped directly to Freeport Center, stored for any length of time exempt from inventory taxes and then reshipped to final destination at a continuation of the through rate.

Freeport Center is home to many recognizable brands that have a real and measurable impact on the Utah economy such as Orbital ATK which refurbishes space shuttle boosters after launches.

Other well-known companies include Lifetime Products, Minky Couture, Union Pacific Railroad, U.S. Postal Service and Utility Trailer among many others. The space at Freeport Center can be arranged for offices, manufacturing, storage and other business aspects to suit businesses of every kind.