How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Warehouse?

Strategic distribution centers and warehouses are vital to the success of businesses that produce consumer goods, or raw materials for other organizations. Building, storing and delivering these goods would be complicated without the utilization of these large facilities....

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Utah’s Foremost Distribution Center: Freeport Center

Distribution centers are essential to the success of organizations who rely on providing goods to consumers or other businesses. Simply put, customers expect prompt and safe delivery of the raw materials or finished products they require to operate...

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What is a Distribution Center

The distribution center is a facility where goods are stored, handled and shipped to resellers or end users. A thoughtfully planned distribution center is critical to the success of a company’s supply chain strategy and, thus, its bottom...

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What is Warehousing and Distribution?

Warehousing and distribution is the storage, handling and logistical management of goods. This includes anything from consumer goods and fresh foods to raw materials used for manufacturing. Warehouses are large commercial structures where goods are stored. And “distribution”...

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The Five Most Common Types of Warehouses

Warehouses are large structures wherein raw materials or finished goods are stored and distributed for sale. But warehouses aren't all the same. They come in different sizes, with various features and technology, in a range of locations and...

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How the Freeport Center Contributes to the Utah Market

The Freeport Center contributes to Utah’s economy by providing jobs and helping to grow the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) by delivering world-class manufacturing, warehouse and distribution solutions for businesses both large and small. Utah’s economy is flourishing....

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